(Deutsch) Porsche 919 Tribute

Farewell 919 Tribute – Hello Formula E

The end of the 919 Tribute Tour around the world also marks a significant new beginning. The dawn of a new era in Porsche’s perpetual mission to build and continuously develop the sports car of tomorrow. It is the full-on starting point on the road to a purely electric future. Another milestone. For Porsche. For motorsport. And for the sustainable mobility of tomorrow.

At the end of the 2017 season, Porsche withdrew from its LMP1 involvement in the FIA World Endurance Championship. It did so as a highly decorated champion. The advantages of a combustion engine and electric drive combined to superb effect in the sophisticated hybrid technology of the 919 Tribute. But this was just the start of a ground-breaking new beginning. A bridge on the road to a fully electric, battery-operated drive. The aim is to deliver complete electric performance that satisfies every possible requirement. As part of what is known as Mission E, Porsche is now consistently taking the next step – and is becoming involved in FIA Formula E. This commitment will begin in 2019!

“Getting involved in and having a successful presence in Formula E are the logical next steps for our Mission E. Porsche is backing alternative and innovative drive concepts. For us, Formula E is the ultimate, competitive environment in which to champion the development of high-performance vehicles when it comes to eco-friendliness, efficiency and sustainability,” says Michael Steiner, Director of Development at Porsche AG.

(Deutsch) Porsche Mission E
(Deutsch) Porsche Mission E

New thinking. From the race track for the road.

No combustion engine, no exhaust system, no transmission tunnel, but compact electric motors instead. And this means plenty of room for new, visionary ideas. At Porsche, completely new ideas are once again being explored as part of Mission E. In addition to sustainable electric mobility, issues such as digitization and connectivity are also coming to the fore. Porsche is paving the road to tomorrow. Make way for an electrifying automotive future. Look forward to seeing Porsche’s Mission E – and FIA Formula E.