919 Tribute Tour meets China: Through the streets of Shanghai

It is one of the biggest cities in China. It is one of the world’s most exciting metropolises. And it is another stop on the 919 Tribute Tour.

(Deutsch) 919 Hybrid 2018 Shanghai
(Deutsch) 919 Tribute Tour Porsche Shanghai 2018

As a tribute to the 919 Hybrid’s great successes at the Shanghai International Circuit and the many Chinese fans, on 1 June 2018 the 919 Hybrid well and truly created a stir in the lively city with a population of millions of people during the Shanghai City Drive. Even world-famous landmarks such as the 632-metre-tall Shanghai Tower or the Oriental Pearl TV Tower were eclipsed by the 919 Hybrid for a few moments.

(Deutsch) 919 Hybrid in Shanghai China 2018
(Deutsch) 919 Hybrid in Shanghai 2018
(Deutsch) 919 Hybrid Inner View
(Deutsch) 919 Tribute Tour Shanghai Driver Porsche
(Deutsch) 919 Tribute Tour Shanghai China
(Deutsch) 919 Tribute Tour 2018 Shanghai
(Deutsch) 919 Tribute Tour Shanghai 2018
(Deutsch) 919 Hybrid Driver View
(Deutsch) 919 Tribute Tour 919 Hybrid China
(Deutsch) 919 Hybrid in Shanghai Crowd