919 Tribute Tour: An icon on America’s west coast

The legend of the Porsche brand is closely tied to California and the many victories at the Laguna Seca racing track. No other automobile brand has won more races here, stirred more emotions, and thrilled more people.

An homage to California, its wonderful people, the legendary coastal Highway 1 with its breath-taking panoramas – and the 919 Tribute with its success story that continues to inspire motorsport fans in California and all over the world. Lights, camera, action!

(Deutsch) Laguna Seca Porsche 2018
(Deutsch) Porsche 919 Tribute 2018
(Deutsch) Porsche 919 Tribute in Laguna Seca at Highway 1
(Deutsch) Porsche in Laguna Seca
(Deutsch) Laguna Seca 2018 Porsche 919 Tribute
(Deutsch) Porsche 919 Tribute Tour Laguna Seca 2018
(Deutsch) Porsche at Laguna Seca 2018
(Deutsch) Porsche 919 Tribute Tour 2018 Laguna Seca
(Deutsch) Porsche 2018 919 Tribute at Laguna Seca